[Logged] Evolve cocoon damage was not increased in 6.0.1


Continuing the discussion from Patch 6.0.1 Notes:

This is not true, and has not changed. I submit the following evidence:

Sunny deals 175 damage with her Mini-nuke launcher with no perks/mastery. If she deals 25% bonus damage, that would be 218.75 damage. If she deals 35% bonus damage, that would be 236.25. As the following video shows, the former of those two statements is currently the case (skip to 1:15 to see the damage result):

The Greatest Show on Shear: A detailed guide to the mechanics of Evolve

@Shaners @MajorLeeHyper


Was that acquired through a custom game with 5people? I’m curious as to how you did that now. Lol.


A custom game with 2 people.


Doesn’t it only count with bullet weapons?


No. If you read the post or watch the video you can see that I do indeed deal 25% bonus damage with explosive mini-nuke launcher (which has always been the case).


Ok thanks… Damn you really need to be a Tester lol


I was a QA Tester for several years. :grin:


These last few updates have been a bit all over the place, some things in when not listed and many others that are supposed to be in but aren’t :frowning:


Imagine me… My databases are a pain to update when they do stealth changes.


So the incap health change, Jack pistol change and now Cocoon damage changes weren’t actually implemented? ._.


The change to jack’s pistols has been implemented now (along with a noteworthy stealth nerf to his satellite). The incap health changes might be in the game now? The devs say that they are - but as a former QA tester and current game developer I know better than most: never trust a dev :smiley:! I’ll retest the incap health changes as soon as I can get 4 people online that care enough about that sort of thing. Not all of my friends are smart enough to care how a game “works”.


Oh? Do tell? :open_mouth:

Can easily be tested, will do it later. :stuck_out_tongue:


Notice how that first part you quoted is a hyperlink? :grin:


Yup, just read that…Honestly if this turns out to be all true I won’t be pleased. -.-


The video I posted in that thread proves it, if you want to see it.


Yup, took a look at it…Wow.


Let’s not forget that the Tier 2 Spider Trap is more damaging than Tier 3 and that Health Regen will not work sometimes and that bodies still fall through maps and a whole slew of other problems…

It’s like we didn’t get an update… but we did… but… we didn’t… like all the bad ones and none of the good ones.


So this also confirms my concern in the thread I posted here…

why would they give 30% armor in coccon phase ? lowers your reward for being in monster face when it evolves.
If armor came after evolve completes it would be good


It’s a whole different side-game trying to work out what has been changed and what hasn’t! And I think you’re winning @white_hawke8 with a few other honorable mentions (if I had the time) :smile: