[Logged} Evacuation mode: Nest Game Breaking Glitch

There is a bug in the game that when nest mode is selected, the game starts but it fails to load the eagg, granting the hunter team an automatic victory over the monster. I’ve stopped playing evacuation for good until that glitch is fixed.

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What platform and any video?

both ps4 and xbox one,maybe have footage, but too many videos to search through.

ah ok @Shaners

Can confirm this on PC. This happens when the monster wins the previous match on Foundry and gets the melee bonus for the following game. If the game is Nest, the eggs won’t load.

It doesn’t happen every time monster gets that buff and the game is Nest, but almost every time. I’ve seen it happen at least 10 times.

Posted here: Evacuation glitch on Nest

I’ll try to record next time I play evac… does Steam record natively?

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Something like this? http://xboxclips.com/crimsonregret55/22da37ea-00f9-4854-8449-9e33516eb5ef/embed

(excuse the out of sync audio :stuck_out_tongue: )

No. Game ends right when the hunters drop. None of the eggs spawn so it just says “Hunters win” right away after they land.

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Didn’t see your earlier response my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just read “fails to load egg” in the OP and figured they experienced what happened to me in the video haha

Thank you. LOGGED.

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I do not know if this still happens after 5.0 dropped today, haven’t played yet. Will try to remember to report in.

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