[Logged - Duplicate] Can't find a game..?


Been searching for about 10 minutes on Xbox 1 in U.S. region, for every game mode with no preference and I can’t find anything? Already did a network test and apparently it’s fine on my end, anyone know how to fix this?

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Live seems to be having problems atm. That could likely be the cause.


Same with me

Takes about 30 mins to find a single person
About 1 hour to find a group

I switched to a different game because I was fed up, this started happening since the last patch


I wasn’t having too much trouble yesterday (a little but no more than usual) but tonight. :persevere: Something must be up because by the time I found my first game, my controller had actually turned off. And I see no service alerts on Xbox’s website. Not sure what the problem is. :open_mouth:


Had a evolve marathon yesterday, and wait times were ridiculous for me as well. I ended up waiting for a total of over 2.5 hours altogether. Did other stuff to pass the time like clash of clans but still.

Evolve = loading screen simulater


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