[Logged]Died once, came back with two strikes


Pretty much the title.

I was streaming so give me a bit to try and find the footage. It was very recent so gimme a sec.

Also the game after that when the game started my Hud in the lower right was jacked up and well it looked odd. “Taking a break” fixed it but yeah I’ll post the time frames at which they happened.

I’m on my Tablet so you’ll have to forgive me when I say that I can’t post a direct link to the vid. I can guide but someone else will have to either edit this OP or make a post with the video.

Uno momento…

So that’s the best of a link I can do.

The video is the most recent one titled “Evolve Stuffs…”

So at [1:47:00] you see me at fullish health with no Strikes and about 45 seconds later I get killed. Note that I’m fairly angry at these batch of randoms because you can literally see Assault running away as I try to Drain Armor. I kinda flip a little… mainly a little bit later as I have control of Maggie I was about to teleport until Assault comes back through it… because he’s getting a kick out of porting…

Oh yeah bugs.

And then at [1:48:30] we respawn and now Kala has two strikes. Not like it mattered considering things but the fact that it happened bothered me more.

At [1:54:30] next match starts and HUD is jacked a bit in lower right. I ended up hitting Break and it fixed it. I ended up giving up helping my team this game considering all the things…


The one where your icons aren’t showing, right? Yeah, I think taking a break was the fix to that or something, fo sho’


If you hotswap with an AI that has two strikes
And then you dropped from the ship

It will swap strikes also lol …
That happens

Was this the reason ?? Or was it a new bug ??


Nah Maggie AI had one strike and Kala had none then they both died and upon Repsawn Kala had two and I dunno about Maggie. Didn’t care enough to notice.


If you swapped

Kala will have 2 strikes and Maggie will have 1 after the drop ship

But it should be the opposite …

It’s the same glitch … it does happen man


Yeah I just checked they did swap…

How the hell is that a thing?

How long has this been known?


Good find guys :slightly_smiling:


Has been for ever :smile:


What do you mean “Good find”?

Like y’all didn’t know about it?

If not then what the hell Lmk?

Bruh! Ya state these things pronto!

As much as I hate throwing “There’s this bug!” at TRS because ya know… upon fixing there be moar bugs but dang it! Sock it to 'em when ya get these!


“y’all”? I’m just a player like you guys, and I don’t play solo or with bots enough to every see anything like what happens when you hotswap :wink: So I’m always happy when someone playing on the fringes of how most other people play comes up with these bug reports, helps everything get better!

Edit: To clarify, I have no idea if the devs know about this or not


Yesterday I took a break because I had to take a phone call. And the ai not died, I was watching it. When she came back down and I picked back up controller ishe had no strikes…


If it’s not a new glitch

how come I described what happened to you ???

Look at threads 9 months ago … You should see 1 like this


But did the Devs confirm it?


I’ve seen other strike issues before, but I’m unfamiliar with this particular issue. Thanks for the video references @Major_Warrior. We’ll look into it.

@Lmk I’d appreciate a link to the thread you’re referring too.


Yep no problem!

Seriously, I deserve a cookie! This isn’t the first bug I’ve found for y’all!

Love me! Notice me Senpai!

Holds a Sythe Arm of a Wraith as a Weapon with a cheery look in the eyes
"You’ll luv meh! Hhhmmmuuuuuhahahahahahahaha!!!"


I have had this happen before when I was on hunt I was laz and died as sometimes I get stupid and came back with two and I was like when did I die twice and tried to think back to when I died but I didn’t get rezed so I have no idea what happened