[Logged] Dead animals in the air


While playing for the first time after the update.
Seing quite a lot of dead animals floating about 1m above the ground.
Its on several maps.
OG, MG or Bob, it doesn’t matter.


I agree have been seeing this on ps4, don’t know about the other systems.


Seen this a few times as well. Not a game breaker or anything, but it is noticeable


Yeah have you seen the dead people at the refueling plant that would surprise you XD I though it was a Halloween surprise the way the were up on their legs.


you mean like this ? xD


Yeah I questioned that i didn’t know wth was going on. :smiley: I thought I was about to get attacked randomly by humans.


Noticed this too multiple times (PC). @Shaners


I am on the pc as well, I forgot to mention.


you cannot mark this bodies with abes tracking dart.


If anyone has noticed this after the recent TU 8.0.0 I would appreciate a video of the issue. Thanks.


I’ve seen the corpses bounce up a little bit to the point where they’re hovering above the ground if that’s what you mean- or atleast, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that.
I can have a look at my stream or something…

Stream broadcast from last week <-- click click
At about 00:31:09 you can see Daisy’s corpse slightly hovering (I think?), not sure if that’s what you want @MrStrategio