[Logged] Couldn't access menu

Accepted friend’s invite, showed lobby was full and I end up in this without access to any option. I had al-tab to desktop and FC the game.

And the best part? This bug was reported freaking 17 months ago without any reply from devs:

Seriously, do you even care?

It happened to me as well from time to time, but really @Terepin? Telling TRS if they “care”? I can understand that you are upset, and I am happy to see that you report the issue on the TRS forums at least.

Well, let’s see what @happybirthdaymary and @m3teeh have to say about this issue.

Also try this, as it could potentially be an issue with your userdata:

Hm… We’ve tested this in every way we could think of and we haven’t been able to get this black screen issue. :confused:

Are you getting it 100% of the time?

Nope, just sometimes.

Rats. We’ll keep looking for it. Where are you when you join on someone (main menu, solo, etc)? Would you happen to know where your friend was when you tried to join (in lobby, character select, in game)?

On edit: After trying a bunch of things, I figured out the issue occurs when you join on a friend when you’re in another match. I’ve logged the issue and sent it to our network programmer!