[Logged] Clipped through wall on Fusion Plant

My Wraith became trapped behind a wall in the Fusion Plant reactor area after I Abducted Bucket in the corner.

Where I abducted him is where I’m aiming my 'splosion


And what happened after:

Oooh… I should try to replicate this.

Any specifics you can give?

That would make any wraith quit instantly.

Couldn’t replicate D:


Also, were you able to get free at all? Could they hit you?

Besides being under fire when it happened, the only other notable thing was that my Abduct incapped Bucket. I think his body fell inside the map.

The Hunters could hit me with bullets, but only from very specific angles. Bucket could hit me with his rockets no problem though.

I could warp, attack, crouch, etc, but all in place. I was trapped until I was killed. When hunters got close enough, I could hit them.

Thank you very much for the visuals! Logged!