[Logged] Cabot is cloaking >>>> but he is apparently visible!


From 1:29

Fusion plant


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Yup. Had that as Lazarus.

It was infinitely worse. Needs to be fixed!

Laz did that for awhile with me… It stopped awhile back though.

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I remember Shield not activating when I try to as an Assault a few times as well, despite seeing the 4th slot slowly “being drained” as if it was indeed in use.

I cant really see a moment when monster couldnt possibly know where were you when cloaked… mybe only when ressing, but you were only one left and it was more than obvius you are going to res someone. You were walking to maggie, monster can see red footsteps. As a monster i also noticed that characters often yells things like “get me up” or “get up laz” wchich act as a big banner CLOAKED PLAYER RESSING HERE so… You are not visible,maybe you are just predictable.

Thank you for the info and video! Logging this!

When. You’re clocking … Your body is invisible and it’s slowly drain clock energy !!!

Look at my body … It should be invisible even in my screen unless I use another ability !!! Which is not …it’s a glitch !!

Second reason … The monster is soon bad … He doesn’t know where I am

Some monsters are elites

i had this with bucket and hank too. it doesn’t happen too often … but everytime it was against behemoth.

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Fuck should learn to look at the dates of these posts XD