[Logged] Bug where you zoom in as a monster


Well i played the monster and where zoomin in so i coudlnt see anything lol

EDIT: I played another one and it happened again

[Logged] Monster's view become 1st person

Some screenshots or a video would be nice. What were you doing when this happened? And can you recreate it?


Definitely some steps to recreate what happened would be good :slight_smile:


So i just started a game and it started, ill post a video


Is this it?


Even worse upload almost finished


Alright here you have the video


Did the zooming in happen after you did anything in particular?


Nope it began right as the game started


That sucks! Thanks for your report; tagging @happybirthdaymary so she can make sure it’s being tracked internally!


Thank you very much :smiley:


@GOOBII Thanks for adding that video! It really helps. I submitted a bug for this :slight_smile:


Here is an old topic with this issue with more information


Odd how this bug persists. In the past it occurred by Hunters backing out during the Monster victory roar screen and yet it is still around… strange to see it and I wonder what causes it now.