[Logged] Bug 2.07 (Wildlife movement)


Alright, so, I think this is alright to place here. I finished the patch earlier, a few hours ago. I’ve noticed that there seem to be some… problems…

So, lieu of knowing what Dev I should submit any bug information to, I decided this would be as good a place as any to put this.

If you have a bug to contribute, please refrain from going off topic so that the Dev’s can have the easiest time possible sorting through issues.

-Bug with wildlife moving unusually quickly. So far there’s only one that I literally have to chase across the map. The small creature, the elite version of the Marsh Strider, has outrun me as Wraith, burning all three traversals and the blast traversal ability. VERY fast. I haven’t confirmed this on any map other than Weather Control, however. But, all Marsh Strider seem to be much, much faster than they ought to be, and wildlife seems to register monster presence and flee earlier than they used too.

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What is with the wildlife on steroids in the new patch
Wildlife movement speed

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Will do, give me just a moment.


Megamouth was moving so fast last night I had some real trouble to kill him with Hank. I was standing on a rock and trying to shoot it but it had some true dodging skills. It seemed unusual fast to me, now that you mention it.

What is with the wildlife on steroids in the new patch

More importantly, Mammoth bird (which is the primary food for monster) is affected too, this is a huge disadvantage for monsters


I had this happen to me with all the Striders. I was also playing wraith and couldn’t believe I was being outpaced by my food. :pensive:


You used to have to use traversals/abilities to catch striders that was the trade off for not having to fight your food.


I still use traversals/abilities to catch striders and other wildlife. Nothing’s changed other than my prey can actually juke me as of patch 2.07.

I had a game where some of the wildlife would turn around and head toward the hunters and because the wildlife was moving so fast, I just had to give up on chasing. I was not about to get domed with only half my evolve meter filled at stage 1. :unamused:


Wildlife runs faster than monster’s walking speed now ?!?!?!

and they never stop running as long as you are approaching them ?!?!?!

just WTF…


Yeah all the Striders run at the speed of elite… very frustrating. It’s a bug for sure.


Yes, catching Striders is…A little annoying. Lol.

Striders run disgustingly fast.


This is connected to the Deepest Dark. In the map variant, creatures have darker skin, red trails, and are faster, and that has transferred back to the regular wildlife in the regular maps.


With the wildlife being faster they should get blue skins with red feet.


I agree, I played Goliath yesterday and I couldn’t hit the damn marsh strider no matter how fast I went after it.
Not sure if this is intentional, but definitely more annoying.

Let me tag some devs to see whether it is “normal”: @happybirthdaymary, @m3teeh


I don’t think it is normal, because I finally played Deepest Dark and noticed the Reavers running around with the little red swirling VFX around their feet.

Then while I was playing other co-op modes previous to that, I was seeing the same red swirl VFX and wondering where it came from.

I think some of the wildlife accidentally got out and are polluting our timelines :’(


Oh, then it is not me! I swear I thought I was going insane. I am by no means a great monster player but I noticed how wildlife, specially Strider ones are so much faster it actually was a chore to get to them. This is very bad for monster, I really hope that first this is a bug, and second it gets fixed soon. Can someone make a noise so the dev team gets to it ASAP?


Thanks folks, this is indeed a bug and we’ve got it logged. Thank you for your reports!

Wildlife OP. :laughing:


Whew, as a Wraith player I was really afraid this was a new official change :D. Hope to get a hotfix out soon!


Did any of this wildlife have a red beam like Assault’s jet pack? This may have something to do with the Deepest Dark wildlife being able to run/dodge extremely fast and they’re appearing in multiplayer

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@snowkissed Is this bug perhaps also the reason why AI monsters are currently fast as hell? I’ve been seeing some serious yakety sax stuff since this update hit.