[Logged] Broken Hill Foundry Extremely Bright Yellow Sky

When you take the relay down to about 25% hp on Broken Hill Foundry, the whole map fills with a very strong, yellow smoke-screen. Not sure if intended or not? (Like, it’s a foundry so all the toxic gases are spilling into the air as the relay is damaged?)

Other people have also been having it, video here by someone else.

Unless I’m mistaken, that’s the bad weather effect. Verifying now.

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I thought i’d seen it before as a weather effect, just seemed odd that it seems to coincide with hitting low hp on relay. Like, everytime i’ve noticed it occur.

WOAH! That’s bright! Yeah, that’s not supposed to happen… O.o Edited your title for reference, hope you don’t mind.


Ahahaha :smiley: That’s the best response, I could have ever hoped for on a bug report. But yeah, it only happens when the relay hits about 10-20% health. Literally goes from not there, to there. I hadn’t made the connection until seeing this video, and realising that they had also damaged the relay down to low health.

Yeah, I got it as soon as the relay was at 10% health. It’s definitely not related to the weather effect.

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I got this a few times, but I just thought something odd was up with my tv (or I’d been playing Evolve a bit too long and needed to take a break…).

Not sure if this is related or not but I have been noticing that hydes gas grenades seem particularly bright green in some instances. Almost Neon on xb1

Any images or videos? If not, best thing to do would be record it the next time you see it happen then post the video on the forums :slight_smile: