[Logged] Blitzleopards cause problems

I forgot to report this one, it was a few weeks ago I think by now. Anyway, the match started and the team was moving out and we were planning our strats and yapping away when we went through the relay island on Aviary to try and see which of the northern tunnels the monster fled inside.

Unfortunately, we were attacked by a bunch of blitzleopards. Typically this isn’t much of an issue, but when we freed our assault from the beasts, he was taken captive by an entirely different monster.

The relay.

He was falling forever, trapped inside the relay. He popped SS, he tried to jetpack dodge out in every direction. Teammates shot him, we even dropped an orbital on him, courtesy of Hank. Nothing was freeing our token assault character from the powerful confines of the relay.

Luckily, Parnell had an advantage: His rocket launcher can shoot inside the relay, thus propelling him out. Five minutes into the match, and we were ready to actually begin hunting the monster. However, if this was literally any other assault, he would be trapped there to this day.



Very odd, I mean anything like this could happen when the player is not in control of their actions but still… How weird.

Future tip, if this happens again with another char just use the “Take a break”, the bot will free itself with magic.

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All I can say is, LOL

I will spread this magic.

We had a match where hyde was stuck in the air like this, but doing cartwheels with his flamethrower still going, he had no control over it but it looked so funny we were okay with it

“he would be trapped there until this day” hahaha sounds like an old campfire tale. I love it… Also, it has been logged.

Thank you!

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