[Logged] Behemoth Lava Bomb Bug


If you used Behemoth’s Lava Bomb while falling, the Lava Bomb will be shot where you started to charge, not from the Behemoth’s mouth. Here’s my recording of it:

(Sorry if I put it here, but it’s not worth making a topic just for it: Daisy should also has her own animation when being pulled by Behemoth’s tongue like the hunters and not just standing idle like it’s a bug like this:)


Both bugs have already been reported in the past (the first one numerous times if I’m not mistaken).

Not sure why neither have been fixed yet, though I suppose the lack of animation for Daisy isn’t really a severe issue.


We’ve got this in our database, thanks for your report :slight_smile:


I’ve always liked this exploit lol Helps mitigate damage in some cases where you can fall behind cover. It makes it so your not face tanking everything whilst you’re lava bombing.:grimacing: