[Logged] Assault Personal Shield doesn't turn on


There were a couple times while playing the new update that I tried popping my personal shield and it would not let me. It was blue and fully loaded too. One time it was while being pounced, if that has anything to do with it.

Xbox One

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What perks were you using? Jus’ curious.


It had to have been health regen while playing Hyde and capacity while playing Parnell. I believe it happened once on both hunters on different maps. Not sure what could’ve caused it, but I’m wondering if anyone has encountered this ever.


Huh… That’s kinda bizarre. I haven’t experienced this myself, I’m on PC, but I’ll come back here if I do see anything.


You just reminded me of a similar bug I had where my dome wouldn’t recharge.

Can I ask that you also report this bug using the issue reporter?


Yea I will


I had this last night solo with lennox I was about to die so I tried to pop my shield but it would go up luckly the monster left as the dome went down when I switched to medic then switched back it started to work again i’m not sure what caused it


This happened to me while fighting a Gold behe… Needless to say I died because Val and Hank ran out of shields lol


Hmm… Hank could be a factor maybe?
@Maximumlimit15 and @Mercury what was the team comp? If you remember, that is.


I was watching a stream last night where some PC players were having the same problem. Was not comp dependant. (Lennox, Hyde, and Blitz were Assaults. Hank, TS Hank, and Cabot were Supports. R Val, Slim, and EMET were Medics.)

The three mentioned above resulted in a down for Assault.


Good to know actually… Ech.


Badjuju was the streamer, if you want to look up the broadcast. He said he was going to make a report.


I was ponced by Gorgon as Torvald and couldn’t activate shield. It poped up after pounce broke but I still got incap.


I think the team was me Lennox Laz I am not sure what support (was not kala as the update was not out in america yet it was either hank tech hank or sunny not sure) and I think I had wasteland maggie or jack


Okay, can confirm that shield is not activating when pounced


So, we all get the same thing? Pounce = no shields?


I didn’t get pounced when my shield wouldn’t work


I think he definitely is I’ve ran into this bug before. And I think he’s the cause .


Does this have a 100% success (failure?) rate? Or is it the off chance?


100% Guarantee as far as I’ve seen.