[Logged] Abduct bouncing forward instead of going back to launch site

Not sure what causes it might be something involving going past something that would normally stop you from abducting.

I’ve had it happen before but this time I had the video capture on.

@shaners @majorleehyper

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bump @Shaners

Thank you very much for the video and info! :slight_smile:

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@MidnightRoses @Shin @moiser @Shaners

weirdest bounceback for an abduct I’ve ever gotten.



Also I was right around the corner. When you ran there, I missed a barrage by like one meter. D:

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Looks fun.

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It was funny really confusing though

That’s weird, sorry I had to go so soon btw. College stuff ;-;

School comes first no worries.

Also I managed to abduct ghost caira a couple times.

@Shaners @Trollogrefey @LordDeath

another wraith abduct glitch shaners this time it put me under the map.


that happens if ure abducting a strider

I’m pretty sure I’ve had it happen after I’ve abducted a mammoth bird as well. One time it happened after I abducted bucket. The first video is me getting that after abducting Bucket.

I like this bug, it fits well with the complete unpredictability of abduct

Cherry on top was the demotion

dang, that bug is one I hope I avoid.

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I read all the ‘Bouncing’ titles yet see only clipping issues :stuck_out_tongue:

I have however experienced a true bounce bug on Distillery (although found that ShadowPlay only works on fullscreen :confused: )
I attempted to abduct a sunny as she went to jump and knocked her to the other side of the map and I returned to the starting point of the abduct, we were fighting on the rocks just up NE from the drop ship start area, suffice to say it did no damage to health but she was a good 2 minute trek from the fight xD

Hey, at least we know where Laz wants us to go when he shouts “Go back to hell Wraith!”

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