[Logged] 7 Orbital's at Once

My game freezes for some reason today, twice in a row.
I can use any number of orbital’s I want as long as the game is still froze, and they actually activate when I unfreeze. My friends (@MidnightRoses, @Pythios) could also see them in game.

Another time it happened, 4 orbitals in there.

Eh, @Shaners might enjoy this one. Monster was probably scared to move after that one. He was on Karken though, so it’s not like I could really hit him with it.


Calling in a strike…or two…or HOWEVER MANY I DAMN WELL PLEASE!!!


Imagine if I’d frozen for 15 seconds or so. I would have covered the entire dome, and killed the monster. :smiling_imp:

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If only Karken didn’t fly above the orbitals.

That is so awesome XDDD

Imagine this in Arena.
Coat the entire map in orbitals and watch the world burn.

This was in arena.

Did you have the 400%?

No… There are people alive in the screenshots. ^.-
Plus you can see by the lack of 400% in the top left.

You have failed me.

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Only a kraken would survive.

I know it takes a long time for this thing hang on…


This is acceptable

#Too strong plz nerf

@Shaners Where is the video? @Shin

Hank for greatest rapper of all time.

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From what I saw in the first game, the Behemoth took allot of damage from them. Then he rolled out. I would have spread them more to make it harder to escape, but I didn’t realize I was able to keep summoning them.

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This… this is beautiful.

Just a reminder to try and keep these bug reports free of discussion so that the relevant information is easier to find without having to read through tangent posts :slight_smile: