Locking certain role


I found an old topic about this subject, dating back to 2015.
Since there was no clear answers given I’d like to suggest it again and see what kind of response it gets this time around.

Why don’t we have an option to lock a certain role?

I feel like I spend most of my time in lobbies, trying to roll a dice to get that specific role I want to play, leaving (or someone else leaving) when one doesn’t get it, leaving anyway because then you have an AI hunter, more than 1 player leaving because you end up in a lobby with 3 players wanting to play a monster, and so on.

I honestly wouldn’t mind spending few extra minutes searching for players if I was certain to get that role I want.



Agreed. +1 Would be nice to easily complete daily challenges as a certain ROLE.


This is slowly killing solo queue for me.
So many lobbies today with 3-4 players preferring same role.


We are working on this as a future goal. Basically our non ranked queue is built with a third party system that isn’t easy to edit, so we are building on from scratch.

Ranked queue though has locked role selections and other more competitive options. It just doesn’t have as many people it as players are still leveling to 20.

Hotfix Build 2.01.1 is LIVE! - Lobby Full+Matchmaking fixes

Thank you!

Saving rankginity till my friends are lvl 20. Right now non ranked games are there for me to practice and level up characters, both requiring to get that certain role.