Locked DLC

Hey all,
So I purchased evolve pc monster race,hunting season 1,and hunting season 2 over the weekend.It appears that I have only the base game unlocked.The behemoth is still locked,as are all of the other monsters(other than goliath).All of the monsters were open to me over the weekend.

What do?

The PC monster race INCLUDES pass 1 and 2. I hope you didn’t buy those separately.

Also, the weekend had them unlocked for the F2P weekend. If your on steam, check the evolve page before you start the game and make sure everything is “ready to install”


Don’t you also have to unlock the monsters by completing the first mastery of each ability? o.O

That’s only for base game characters.

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Ahh I see, well I don’t really know anymore cause they’ve all been available to me for some time now.

On what console did you buy the PCMR edition on?

just had to srry

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Your bad :cry:

Lmao. Just a derp on my part. Not used to games having a PC special edition anymore. Lol.

I don’t believe Behemoth comes with PCMR.
He was a pre order bonus.

You haven’t fully answered my question yet…

Nah,just bought the PCMR,not the DLC seperately.
Looking back at the description,it does not include the behemoth.whoops!
I guess just some hunters were unlocked with the purchase,no monsters.
So I guess the other monsters just have to be unlocked by ranking up the skills?

Yes. Tiers 2 and 3 need to be unlocked. However, there is an option in store to skip that. However, it’s just easier to unlock them. Lol

got it.
thanks all!

Well, everything is clear now! :smile: