Locked colors...?


Earned a new bagde through Quantom Caira but I cant help but notice the colors were locked… Someone please explain and please dont tell me this is going to be some random drop bull.


It’s random drop bull.

Kidding. As far as I know, there is no comprehensive guide as to how you unlock each individual color. Try and complete challenges/level your profile/level hunters. They should come as time passes


I have the elite for 4 characters and still no colors unlocked


Do they intend to sell them?


Yeah, I have multiple elite characters and their emblems are still color locked. Pretty sure there’s no way to get them as of now.


You only unlock colors that are on the badge when you receive it. So, if you unlock the cupcake background in red through Sunny, and then obtain it in yellow from a log-in card, you’ll have the red and yellow columns unlocked.

Because of that system, most colors aren’t in the game yet, since you can only receive a badge so many times. They’ll be adding more methods in the future.