Locked at 60fps



Hey, so I have a 144Hz monitor and would like to utilize it. The problem is Evolve is locked to 60fps for me (but my friend says he gets 144fps). I have tried putting the max_fps thing in system.cfg, I have tried all the vsync options including off in both evolve and the nvidia control panel and have tried having G-SYNC both on and off. Is it just not possible and my friend is lying or am I missing something?


I don’t get 144 on my right but I do get around 110. I’m not sure why you’re having issues getting past 60.


Funny, I wanted to lock my FPS on 65 and the max fps command did not work with me. Maybe you could try limiting it like me so you end up getting unlimited cap? :stuck_out_tongue:


So I tried changing the max_fps thing to 30fps to see if it does do anything and it turns out it doesn’t change a thing.