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There a cult that someone started that is dedicated to worshipping spongebob.


it got outa hand {Edit}


You’re the leader of a cult of cybersquids of which you are the only member. You don’t get to call others crazy. :wink:


it’s not a cult its my youtube channel xD


…Right. <bbbbbbb


but in all seriousness why are people starting cults like that xD


Cult followings?


First you’d have to determine without flaw that they are 100% serious, I doubt most are. Another thing to consider if the person may be mentally ill.


im pretty sure they had a mental illness


Well this thread needs to get locked before this gets worse.


You would also have to provide some proof, I highly doubt these people are a threat to you or anyone else.

I fail to see your logic here, you created a thread to discuss odd cult followings and nothing has gone off topic so far. Why would you wanna close it? This thread isn’t creating any cults.


Naw I just don’t want to have to ever do with this thread again .


If you were looking into a real point, I apologize for my attempt at humor.

People make cults for all sorts of reasons. But mostly, I would suggest because they are seeking a group where they can be included into. Many such cults that go down in infamy were created by people disillusioned by modern societies and how they did not fit into it… This makes them seek out creating a new society (cult) of which may or may not center around them. But belief is one way of starting to get people to think the way you do. And if you think alike, you will likely agree with each other, etc. etc.

Cult’s have a negative conotation… but that’s not necissarily the case:

Cult: (Noun): a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.

By that definition, almost any religion started as a cult before it became mainstream.

Consider Cults a bit like a… Club, Group, or Gang. You may not WANT to join it, it may not be a good thing. But not all of them are necissarily BAD. Most are ignored because it doesn’t bother people on a regular basis. But people who believe similarly seek out like minded people and create these social religious gatherings to create a place where they feel they can belong.

There are a lot of people that try to make social forum groups as well, calling them cults… they really aren’t usually, they’re clubs… or just groups… but they can technically call themselves whatever the want.

I hope this has been more of an answer. You can PM if you have more questions but don’t want to be a public topic.




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