Lock the Wraith down?


How about you guys just lock this excuse of a monster down until you have him nerfed correctly, before you lose 1/3 of your playerbase or more.


iv lost to one wraith. its not hard just think harder and communicate with your team. easily beatable.


Or how about people learn to play the game before they start complaining?

I have over 100 hours in Evolve and Wraith is the easier monster to get killed.You are just a bad hunter that’s all


It’s easier to kill than a kraken for gods sakes how about you play more than one match against a wraith and stop being bad then come talk to us


@WiBaKi @Graph_Elite stole my punchline. :frowning:


Wraith is by far an easy monster to kill. Just because you can’t find it doesn’t mean you can’t shred it down at any stage. Stay out of the cloud for bucket’s sake and stop clustering.


No i’m not saying it to disrespect anyone.Its simple.Bad hunters.I am a very bad support and have no problem on saying it.

Also Wraith is supposed to be hard to catch because if he gets into a fight even at stage 3 with a good orbital barrage or good placed mines etc etc his life drops faster than Eminem rapping.

Literally get better in the game and you will find Wraith easier to deal than any monster.Unless Wraith is being played by a good player then Wraith is the easier to get matched against.


That made my day.


@WiBaKi true true


Rekt skrub


I hit level 20 in both alpha and the beta, and I never have any problems with Kraken except in the beta, some problems against Goliaths… And i get rekt every time against the Wraith, he 3 hits anyone at Evo3, how is that even counterable as me who like to play Abe? Also, when i track him i see him until he goes invis, and i get to track his clone instead? That doesn’t even make sense.


Now that’s a lie he definitely does not 3 shot at all whatsoever. And going invisible is his ability. The wraith is a stealth character for Christ sakes


“3 shot” = wailed on him for 4-5 seconds with supernova. 10-20 shot?


Hey now you never said anything about supernova when you were talking about three shots


Wat? I’m not OP, I’m making a snarky/snide assumption about what he meant, since Wraith is literally incapable of 3 shots. Except maybe on a 2 strike.


Sad thing is, when you actually start thinking, that best strategy is to wait till wraith’s lvl 3 at relay, since it’s most likely gonna end that way and by doing so you avoid losing someone due to unfavorable conditions like suprising plant or megamouth.

**Thing is there are currently really cheap strategies, that are being abused, like survivors getting killed in rescue before you reach 'em.


I’ve lost to the Wraith twice since release. Won around 7 or 8. That’s playing every match with randoms with no mics. I don’t know what to tell you. Just because you lose to something, that doesn’t make it OP.


Nah. That’s suicide. Monsters are designed to have a large advantage at 3. Just get a good 1/2 dome off, put on some health damage.


You slow the wraith down and he’s dead. No chances. If it’s a pro wraith player, then it’s anyone’s game, but slow the wraith down and it’s just too easy. Maggie is a monster versus wraith, Griffin is better if you have one who knows how to use his harpoon accurately (I don’t, so no judgement there, I just noticed that when I ‘did’ land my harpoons the Wraith instantly lost like 2-3 bars of health/armor MINIMUM), and Abe can pepper the whole area with gravity grenades. All three trappers excel at screwing the Wraith over. If you have an excellent trapper, and can keep them alive, the Wraith is too easy. Goliath is by far the hardest to kill, sticks and stones break everyone’s bones.


Slow doesn’t impact Wraith’s traversal a single bit… Unless Wraith is a new, bad or goes fullretard rambo melee mode machine you don’t get to kill him.