Lock monster option when in a party!


There really should be a lock option for monster when you are in a party but I also recognize why it isn’t in there to begind with so here are the pros and cons to be as fair as possible:


  • You are in a party with friends wanting to beat down a monster but you get monster and a stranger gets to hunt you with your friends.
  • Monster+Trapper combo is abused for wins for the monster.


  • Solo hunters can easier get a game without being monster.
  • Beta stage gets more games going for additional data to read.

I really hope this is being looked into and sorry if this have already been taken up 100 times.


I prefer monster, every one of my friends prefers hunters. i want to play monster vs my friends but don’t want bots. This was impossible in the previous game and I’m hoping to do it now that it’s free.