Local play, where did you go?


Why is playing together locally not an option?

I’m in the US Navy and during underways there are inevitable periods in which we have some time to ourselves to make the best of being stuck out at sea. A lot of people will play games, watch movies, work out, etc. We don’t have Internet while we’re at sea, so playing games comes down to what we enjoy playing together or against each other - for the most part. I would love to be able to play evolve, and I’m not the only one.

Video games started with the family at home, the kids at a friend’s house. When did that start to end? There are far fewer games now that have a LAN or local option for multiplayer. Mostly it’s a local coop thing like call of duty’s campaign, sports games, or button mashers like Mortal Kombat. Evolve lacks even these options, and I can’t help but feel they’ve lost player base because of it.

Obviously, this is the age of the Internet. But there are still those families, still those friends playing together. We keep playing what we enjoy playing together. How long did we spend as a generation on Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark? I love playing evolve with friends (that was the core concept, no? 4v1? Which cocky smartass thinks he can take on the rest). But it’s really limiting when you are unable to play with those that are in the same room as you, on the metaphorical couch. Or in my case on the work bench, flipped over buckets, and the coveted chairs.

Does anyone else care about seeing some of these things implemented, or am I in too small a niche? I would love an underway LAN party on evolve.


Because neither the PS4, nor the XBox have hardware powerful enough to support split screen.
And split screen on PC is not very enjoyable.

It’s not about selling the highest quality console anymore, it’s about selling a brand and securing customers with console exclusive games.


They don’t have hardware powerful enough to support what most people consider the minimum graphic necessary for gaming now.

They could still do split screen but everyone would complain about how ugly it looks.


In regards to PC, I thought it was clear I meant LAN lol. Split screen is a console gig. And can’t you play gears of war in split screen, or was that just the first one? Gears is a pretty graphical game in itself, just with less objects (ie, wildlife).


I guess it would be possible to rig the system around a bit to create LAN connection. Obviously takes time though, and can’t be done whatsoever on consoles.


I’m right with ya bud; the loss of splitscreen is the biggest casualty in the history of the gaming industry.


I’d love it if the game supported LAN. :smile: I mean, who wouldn’t. O_o


I remember back in the day, having LAN parties with my friends. Those were the days…


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