Lobby Wreckers


I think it’d be a good idea to add a penalty if people leave a lobby. It’s extremely irritating to be forced to queue twenty times because some numpty quits due to not getting his preference.

Hell, sometimes they quit even if they get their preference, for no discernible reason at all.

This problem has become increasingly more and more prevalent over the past week.

I would also suggest stats be outright removed from QP, Evolve has always brought out of the worst in ego-whoring, and I really don’t think it should be encouraged. See a lot of freebies who think that because they can pubstomp other freebies it means they’re good. Make it ranked only, although ranked is pretty broken.

Streaks is another thing which encourages this sort of behavior. I don’t see the point to it, other than to encourage some shitty streamer to play wraith for a hundred hours and stomp lowbies and do nothing else for fear of losing the precious numbers next to his name.

Can we rename ranked to "Try the new free rotation without requeueing for Hunt till you get your role"?

So you want to punish me for not wanting to play Hunter? That does not seem fair…


I agree with the winstreak thing, it doesn’t really belong in the main casual Hunt to be honest. Especially with the amount of tryhards who take this as a sign that shey should disconnect when things go bad.

I don’t think punishing people who abandon the lobby is a good idea though.
No offense to the devs but so far it looks like the game can’t even tell the difference between a player ragequitting and a player forced to leave because the fucking server is freezing.
It’s already bad enough that I sometimes have to wait 60s before I can start matchmaking again simply because I left when the server got extremely laggy. These kind of bugs already constantly punish innocent players. Bad idea.


Hunters leave when they don’t get their pref. Monsters leave when they don’t get their pref. EVERYONE leaves when someone picks wraith. LEL. Go watch some streamers on twitch, when they pick wraith everyone bails. Over and over and over. It’s hilarious.


Sounds like nothing changed in a year :slight_smile:


Yep. I do. It’s more unfair to the other four people in the lobby who have to constantly requeue because you didn’t get what you wanted.

You pick your preference. Not what you’ll exclusively play. There’s a reason it’s called QUICKPLAY.

You pick what you play on ranked.


Sadly i am not allowed to play ranked yet because i am not level 20.so i have to grind. And if i have to grind i do it in the most pleasant way for me. Which is not playing with three other people that have no clue how to play their class.

Sorry if this affects you, but it’s not my fault that the system is how it is.