Lobby with only 4 players (still not fixed)



I thought the lobby would automatically close if there isn’t 5 players? The game started with a bot support…
(We actually lost because of a medic playing their 1st ever game with Quaira and couldn’t do their job…The Bucket bot actually did pretty well))

Just happened again, this time it’s a bot monster. No it’s not co-op

So I'm getting 4 player lobbies again

It usually happens to me when people leave the game at least four times in a row. The game is just sick of it and would rather have a bot, I guess.
In a situation like this, I suggest you leave the game for a couple o’ minutes and return.


Still not fixed in 2.08


@ReissyBoi97, when you got into the game without a full lobby, were you searching for a while and people kept leaving/joining the lobby?


No, not really. There were a couple of people that left but it found a replacement pretty quick then someone decided to leave and the game continued to form a character select lobby


Janusz above is correct when he says the game will automatically go into game with people missing if you’ve been searching for a while (current timer is set to 3min 30seconds). If you’re encountering a lot of leavers, please back out and search again to reset the timer.
We are currently looking into ways to deter people from leaving a lobby… Apologies for any inconveniences this might cause in the meantime though :confused: