Lobby system still totally broken


You think only the dlc system and the balance why the reason ppl leave the game but you forgot the big one ! Matchmakin gand lobby system is bugged as hell , im gonna make a video for show all the bug i encounter in two days , i literally pass 10 minutes to wait in queue and the game launch me a round with only my friend and me as two ppl ??? after this the game Kick my friend of my own group to put me in a game with new ppl ? and there are many other problem like this


They’re working on a fix for this as we speak :slight_smile:


There is a workaround to this. Take a look at this.

As nia said, the devs are looking for a fix currently. :slight_smile:


OK i see thx a lot for the link of the topic but im still worry about this since is like two years the lobby system dont work


These problems are only recent aren’t they?

They have been logged anyway so hopefully a fix won’t be too far away. :slight_smile:


They are not , i had old video when i can show you the game put me in lobby back for no reason again and again for ten minute , remember the Top Topic of the forum during two years was “Seriously i hate the MatchMaking”


Stage 2 is a new animal though, a lot has changed and that’s why we’re in Beta for it.


Mountain i know you on this forum since a long time and the best thing you do its to tell ppl " things gonna change dev are the best , just wait for the change " dont use the Beta argument again lol , Dev are maybe fucking good but the team who made lobby and matchmaking system was and still are totally out


It’s not an argument, this is a totally new Evolve and everything has been reworked and needs to be tested. Stage 2 is currently in Beta for this reason.


In all fairness they did pretty much redo the whole game so some bugs are going to crop up where there may not have been any before. That’s exactly why they are testing it as a beta though. So they can squash these bugs before it progresses from beta to the full release.


so i dont report anything about bug and problem cause Moutain gonna told eveyrtime " Stage 2 is a new animal though"


Not at all, if you don’t report the bugs then they don’t get fixed. :slight_smile:

He is just saying that bugs should be expected (but not necessarily accepted) because it is a completely new game pretty much. It’s only natural that some bugs escape QA and make it into the wild. You absolutely did the right thing by reporting these bugs so thanks for that.

I hope this makes sense. :smile: