"Lobby full" error worse today?



Has the bug with trying to join with a group gotten worse today? I feel like in the past days it would take two or three tries before the entire team was able to join a match together, without one getting kicked or being monster, but today seemed impossible. The most we waited was 20 solid minutes before we could join with 3 people, and with 4 it just got worse.

Also when I tried to search alone, it twice put me in a lobby where one or two would constantly disconnect from the lobby, then get rejoined or matched a few seconds later, this kept on going till I left and waited a few minutes before queuing again.

Hope the fix comes out sooon, cause the game is really fun to play again.


It really is the biggest problem with the game at this point, imo. When we’re a group of three or four hunters we usually spend around 6-10 minutes just trying to get a game going. The ‘lobby is full’ bug happens all the time and when you can’t stay with the monster from the last round, we usually spend almost half the evening in lobbies.