[Lobby Full bug Fixed] Can this get fixed ASAP


Trying to play with friends, non stop LOBBY IS FULL bug keeps ejecting some or all of us from the party. It takes like 2 - 10 attempts to queue up every single match because of this bug and it affects all of us.

Will this be fixed soon? Its been a little while since F2P launch and this is really frustrating.


May have a fix for it tonight. Will keep you posted.


This is really good news. Will the cursor appearing on screen until you restart the game sometimes also be getting addressed soon?

These are the only two bugs I’ve run into so far, but they are happening all the time for me.

Anyways, thanks for making an awesome game and keeping it alive despite all the petite negative comments about problems that don’t even exist.


I posted a Thread with the Same Thing.
I hope they do Fix this.
Team Joining needs to work. (Period) if it doesn’t, it will kill this game.


Fixed JUST dropped! Try now!


For future reference, don’t make such click-baity titles. Thanks.

Since this has been fixed, there’s no need for this thread, so lock.