Lobby drop issues


quite frequently when looking for other hunters, after i find them all and we all select our classes, sometimes, actually a lot of the time, all the hunters vanish. i have decided that either my computer is causing me to leave lobbies, or something is happening with the servers and it is booting me out. when this happens after i have joined a party of my friends, it says “connection to host failed”

i’m unsure if this is a bug in the servers or my computer.

i wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this and if so what they did to fix it, because it is very annoying and is a nuisance for me and my party members to deal with.


This the issue you’re having?


sometimes that error window appears, but i don’t think that the other players in the lobby are having the same issue, only me.


Strange, it was happening for me and many others last night, we found out it wasn’t an issue on our ends since we all got booted together…


i’m still having this same issue and i do not see another thread addressing it.

if i need to share my computer specs i will. i use vista, in case that matters

is there a chance that it is my firewall or something?
i know that when i changed routers (got an upgrade from TWC and went from a 15 mps router to 50 i’m pretty sure) that i was having issues with this. i don’t know the technical terms but i had to increase the amount of seconds that a program or anything connecting to m computer could stay connected before my router had t reauthorize or something. i increased it from a couple hundred seconds to a couple thousand. that worked for a while, i was able to wait in lobbies for longer but now i can hardly find matches because i get booted out of lobbies while waiting.
that’s a bad explanation of what i did i know, but i don’t know a lot of terminology.

it actually just happened to me after my group found a monster. we found it and then i all of a sudden everyone was gone and i was back to searching for hunters. the match maker did not link me with the same group again, even though they obviously only had three in group at that point and instead i have to wait again. I know that it only happens to me and not the entire group.

if anyone could give me some kind of clue as to what to do about this i would be very grateful. because this is actually ruining the game for me because the match making is already so terrible that i can hardly deal with the frustration of being dropped from full lobbies for no reason