Lobby and FPS bugs


Hello, please I need help to solve the following :

1.- When I play my FPS are 50-60 with Very High and 1080p,but suddenly drop to 0-20 freezing the game for 5 seconds. I try put the graphics in High and normal, with every AA and without it, work same with any config.

My specs are i3 4150, GTX 960 and 8 gb RAM

2.- When I play with a friend, he invite me to the lobby, only both in the lobby he starts the search for start a game and magically the lobby kick me saying (lobby is full),. After 3 times finally the lobby find a connection without kick me.

3.- what is the founder icon in the profile page? The monster with flames in the mouth?

4.- to select the preferred role, exist a method to change the key? Every time I want open the steam overlay to chat with my friends open the selection screen.

Thank you

  1. No idea for this one. Will leave it up to the support team.
  2. This is a known issue and a fix is on the way ASAP.
  3. Founder icons include the monster with the flames and the drop ship. They also get two unique backgrounds: the ‘V box’ in the Evolve title and a monster footprint.
  4. I have this same issue and would also like to request a fix.