Loadouts (Skins, Perks)


I think we would benefit greatly if we had loadouts to manage each and every character we have (skins, perks) outside of matchmaking, this way we’ll lose less time in the lobby and we’ll have less pressure on us (we’re on a timer to select skins and perks).

Could be a loadout option at main menu, or at the profile in characters screen (although having a description of character abilities in the characters screen would help newbies a lot too).


Its on our high to-do list :slight_smile:


any way to show to other people what skin you are currently using in the pick phase ?


There is a way to do everything :slight_smile:

A few people have asked the same thing so its on the list, its just where it gets prioritized vs everything else. Lots to do based on all the data and feedback we have gotten so far

  • Gertz