Loading the map crashes the game

Sometimes when the match is about to start after showing Who VS Who, the game stucks itself on a black screen. Alt + F4 does not work and Alt + Tab neither. The only way to get out of the game is to restart the computer.

But because I’m on a flap computer, I can standby it and relaunch it.
But when I do so, I get a black screen covering 70% of my desk, so I do Ctrl + Alt + Suppr and navigate in the task manager with the keyboard’s arrows while my cursor is pointing the task manager in the toolbar to see where I navigate, and when I see the game’s name I do “end task” and the game close itself properly and then I can replay Evolve.

I had this bug, both in Legacy and Stage 2.

Have you gone through the basics of Verifying Integrity, Updating Drivers, Patching DirectX, etc?

This fix might also help

Where’s your Kraken just right?

Changed it up to a happy volcano.


And like I said in the first post, it also happened in the Legacy version, not only in the 2.0