Loading Screens


I often see that many people seem to have issue with the fact that the game has multiple loading screens before getting into the game. Now I know this is necessary, the game has to first load all the models and perk selection, etcetera; and then it has to load the map.

But what if it doesn’t have to be that way?

For any of you who’ve played SMITE then you understand there is only one loading screen ever. This is simply because the game already has all of it’s models and characters chosen.

What does this mean for us? Well I suggest a few things. Here they are.

  • Remove the video played on the title screen. Replace it with an actual model and a small portion of the map background. Perhaps fog or something could be added to the background so the whole map doesn’t need to be rendered. This would remove open up more space by removing the looping video while also allowing models to be pre-rendered.

  • Load all models when you load the game. This makes it so when you find a match you jump right into character select rather than loading up the screen, pre-loading all models in the game (playermodels that is) would allow seamless transitioning between menus and character select, thus removing one of the two hated loading screens.

These two suggestions serve a purpose.

A. Reduce game size by removing useless videos when we could instead just be using models already in the game.

B. Removal of one of the two most hated loading screens.

What do you guys think? Should they open up some space and remove the loading screen by perhaps having a longer startup to the game (maybe, maybe not) or do you think it should just be left as is.


This might work for high end machines, but low to mid and consoles will struggle with that much information at once.


I don’t think it’s that important, but that’s just me.

To actually add a real opinion to the discussion instead of just disagreeing to disagree;

Loading screens don’t feel like they are such a big deal to me. It’s a part of all games, and are especially prevalent in games as large and detailed a Evolve. It’s to be expected at this point. The upcoming TU will reduce the size (files and models, not in-game size) of the maps and it likely won’t be nearly as taxing. Load times will be shorter and rendering won’t be as laggy.

If loading screens don’t change as a result of the TU, though they likely will, I’ll probably advocate for a change like this.

To address the actual suggestions themselves, I’m not for them. Loading all of everything at once on startup would likely force most machines to crash or freeze entirely OR make it so intolerably slow that I’d take three loading screens any day. (Damn you, Mountain)


SMITE pulls it off with 68 Gods and this game only has 31 characters.

Plus SMITE runs seamlessly on PCs and Consoles alike.


I don’t think it’s the number of characters. It’s the total amount of data. A quick Google search shows smite at 10 gigs while evolve has 50 gigs, also the smite character models are way less detailed than the Evolve character models. Now I haven’t played smite but judging by videos I don’t think evolve could load everything like Smite does. Does smite use background loading?


In what sense? During the menus you can go through all the SMITE Gods and view all their different skins which most of the time are entirely new playermodels. Though they take a second to load they’re all done when you start the game.


That’s just the a model though, right? Technically the Evolve character select screen is the same. You can view every Hunter or Monster.

My guess is that a small portion of each character is loaded or a select-screen-version of said character.


The whole model is loaded. It has animations like Evolve’s does and the whole model is completely rotatable. It loads the whole thing plus skins that change that model, for most skins that’s roughly 2 or more that change anything from a few aspects to the entire model.

Meaning that’s 68 Gods plus, let’s just say 2 full model variations that’s roughly 136 models plus their own animations, voice packs, additional optional animations (such as clapping, dancing, etcetera), additionally particle effects also change and on those screens some Gods have those as well.

The Gods in-game and in-menu are the same exact model, like Evolve’s are.

Given that this is shown to work on PCs and Consoles I think it’s fairly reasonable to say Evolve could do it, despite having more advanced models.


The models are also smaller and far less detailed. Many of them seem to share a skeleton that universal animations use (clapping, dancing, etc). That’s something Evolve models don’t do. The maps are tiny compared, all of the resources are a fraction of the size, and the in-game models/textures seem to be re-used plenty with similarly-themed maps.

Overall, Smite is far less complex than Evolve and requires less effort to load the smaller textures/models.


Nope. The models each have their own skeletons and none have universal animations. Each have their own clapping, dancing, etcetera. No two Gods share animations. Skins are the only thing but those change everything from the model to particle effects, all the way down to the animations that are changed.

I seriously beg to differ. SMITE has a lot more moving parts. Sure they may be on a smaller level but there are far more and therefore there’s a lot more things it has to load. The only thing Evolve has ahead of SMITE are it’s models and higher resolution texturing. Evolve has far less characters, animations, particles, and even sounds in comparison to SMITE.


I’m not exactly sure how this works. But i’m sure you can’t compare Smite,dota,lol against Evolve.We’re talking mobas vs triple A titles. Best example i can give is like this: With the textures and “polishment” and details Goliath has is enough to compete against 15 characters from Smite. That’s a completely mistaken arguement.

But i do agree with the loading times.One of the questions i always had is, why are there 2 loading screens before entering the game?After you find players you go to a loading screen leading to character pick and after the picks you go in another loading screen for entering the game.What exactly does the 1st loading screen do?

As i said above completely wrong arguement.Mobas can run on a potato PC while Evolve is demanding.Its the engine.Its the whole game.Its the details of the characters of the map of the lighting of the shadows of the weather of even the pixels.Don’t even question this.


To be fair Evolve classifies as a MOBA.

Also Evolve isn’t very well optimized… like at all.


or we could load the map during character select


Yeah 2 points that are both true and wrong.Still you can’t compete them.They are completely different.My English knowledge does not allow me to explain it.

But yeah Evolve is much more and will always be much more demanding than any of those mobas no matter the optimization.

But i still want to know what’s the purpose of the 2 loading screens instead of 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


the first loads all characters and skins.
2nd loads the map


As @AlbinoGoliath said.

First loads character models, perks, and takes that info for the next screen. The second loads the map.


Welp i’d say make booting the game a bit slower so the characters and skins will be loaded then.Then only leave the map.

Like, i don’t remember any other game taking me to 2 loading screens before entering the game


That’s the whole suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


if you had one of the settings on your xbox to something it would mess up evolve and cause loading screens to be about 10-20 minutes I dealt with that for 3 months


Waiting times is ridiculous in Evolve

I love the intro video . It gets me excited to play a match

Anything that may reduce the wait time . I am welcoming it except the intro

Plz don’t touch intro video