Loading screen


Am I the only one who feels like I’m staring at a lobby menu or loading screen more than actually PLAYING the game? As I type this it’s been 9 minutes since we’ve found a whole squad and we’re still looking at this damn screen.


I kinda agree too ish


Vent thread?


9 minutes isn’t really much. Some people have waited hours. Just be patient, although, I’d never wait that long…


Man 9mins…! Welcome to the Evolve club where 30mins is the norm to wait for players.


We waited over 30 minutes after it was all said and done & we still didn’t get into a working lobby. It was my friends first time on Evolve and he said he doesn’t think he’ll be playing it again. Stick up for them all you want, 10 minutes in not acceptable and over 30 definitely isn’t.


Why is it this bad? Are you guys really cool with this?


Well now…first off if your in a full party of 4 it’s generally no problem,you find a monster within 5 mins,if your solo or with 1 it can be longer depending on when your playing I.e if your say in Europe and playing after 12pm then lobbies become far more empty.

Slightly off topic for you it should be quicker than say me,why you ask? Well I’m silver skilled hunter and if I find determining rank or sometimes bronze elite etc I don’t play with them because they stink my games out I.e play like a retard so I lose points.So I try to limit my playtime with such hunters but for you it shouldn’t be that bad,a little tip I can give when it takes that long restart the game generally that fixes bugs on Evolve don’t ask why it’s just an Evolve thing lol!


Heck no. I absolutely don’t and I really don’t think anyone else likes waiting. Except @CptBoomBoom Who exercises while he waits. : p


Lol I go on my iPad tons while on Evolve,god if I didn’t I’d pull my hair out!


How do you even remember that? 0_o That was forever ago. I still do that as well. Its not enough exercise but its better than nothing.


I exercise too…I pull my fingers back does that count…?please say yes hehe


Great long term memory, and also because I do push ups while I wait. xp


PC Gaming 4 Lyfe!
We can alt tab :wink:


You can do something similar on ps4 obviously not as good but you can go to the dashboard and surf the Internet or watch a gamer livestream but you would need a friend to tell you if your lobby found anyone otherwise you wouldn’t know ha!


You could always use your android device and play that Hunters Quest game :wink:
Or HearthStone.


I just watch or play games on my iPad,great for killing time.


I did play the hunters quest game back when Evolve came out but I have nearly all elite hunters now so no point plus I’d rather play custom for it!


Im silver skilled monster.
In my region, I w8 around 1 hour to fine hunter team.
And if hunter team is bronze team, they gonna quit cuz they dont wanna fight silver monster… and then I w8ing for another 1 hour Q.Q


Haha, seriously that´s great! You must have the most muscular chest on this planet!


You think that’s bad? I fired up QP only to find the same piece of shit picking Kraken all the times!