Loading screen mentions the new maps on PS4

So I’m playing Evolve on PS4 at the moment and one of the loading screens said something about trying out the new Broken Hill maps.
Did I miss something? Aren’t the new maps Xbone exclusive for a month?

They are, but we get to look at images of them for a month as we wait. :slight_smile: PC is the same.

Its TRS teasing us, theyre evil evil people ;-;

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Maybe I’m just being cynical,but that seems kinda wrong to me…“Hey,check out this new content that you can’t actually experience yet!”

I think it is too, but oh well. Nothing we can do, really…

yea thats what i thought when i first played the dlc

It’s even better because you actually have them on your ps4, you just can’t use them.

Marketing :stuck_out_tongue:

We could riot!

Or just wait a month I guess.

Well. We could riot, buuuuuuuuut I can’t be bothered, frankly.

Since you got your answer, shall I close this for you?

If you want to,sure.

Question is do you want me to? :smile:

Well I don’t WANT you to,but I also don’t NOT want you to. So if you feel like it then go for it,if not then that’s fine too.

…This is Wantception…Well the thread has served its purpose and seeing as you aren’t opposed to the initiative I think I shall. :smile:

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I was debating about stealing your thunder and close it under your nose… stem… thing…

Too late. Closed it. :slight_smile: And I have no nose. I have leaves and petals.

What is a rose without the stem? image

Like a spineless person. Lol. Ironic, because I have spinal injury.

Co-incidence? I think not.

And now let’s stop posting on a closed thread. ^.^