Loading screen is (Too long)


Loading screen takes so long

If some one (in the lobby) is using an app : the loading screen will take so long to load the map

Every one else in the lobby will be delayed because of that

Why does this have to happen ? Other games doesnt do this


Well, the game looks damn beautiful. It takes time to load all the assets and it can put a good bit of strain on weaker or otherwise occupied systems. Not really a bug. Just how it is. Same reason other good-looking games take a long time to load.


It’s not bug But this is the closest type

45 seconds (mastery & Global Average ) After each match + 20 seconds to choose the map + 55 seconds to load the map + 2 min to choose characters + 30 seconds (show characters & black screen / tips) = 5:34 min between each match

Added 36 second on drop ship = 6.1

Added tutorial = 7 + min

[ ignore these below ]

Added Average search time / devided by how many average matched played before searching again for another lobby * multiple by how many average lobby searched for = ??

Added 40 seconds to start the game + 20 seconds to sign in + creating party (17 seconds) / devided by how many games played before closing the game =??
[Ignore this ^^]

Waiting time is a turned off for players

Loading screen can take 30-40% more time if anyone in the lobby uses an app or dashboard the game . Why does it happen ?

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Is this really a complaint? The loading screens really aren’t that bad… Besides it’s a lot to generate.
I haven’t been that bothered to be honest.


Have you read the thread ?

Every one has to wait for every one else to load the game for them

It’s a good compliant because each one has to waste 4 - 5 min between each game . It’s ridiculous

Rainbow six does take 1 min to search & load new game

Each game has 3-5 matches … the wait time is really small


It’s like I said. It takes time to load such a large abount of stuff. Any modern game with good graphics and big, detailed maps takes about that long.

Also, the bug section isn’t even close to feedback. That would be the general section.


Yeah I just think it’s being a bit nit picky, it’s minor hindrance that’s not that bad.

I’ve never encountered long delays like that in my experience.


Are you … ?

I am speaking about :

If the lobby is loading the screen for example it takes 30+ seconds to load the map

1 guy / person can make the loading screen takes very long if he / she is using an app… it will be 45 seconds instead of 30

If some one is doing his thing . . Why every one else has to suffer from that ?



10 charts


Well, it’s not as if you can just start without them.


Yes you can

Play other games man . The loading screen is consistent


…No. That’s not reasonable on any level.

Oh, that’s actually funny. I really laughed at that, thank you.

Not really. Ever played Diablo 3 multiplayer? It takes me about 10 seconds to load a map up, but I’ve played with people that take more than a minute to do the same thing.

For something more recent, the MMO Tera takes a bit to load an area for weaker machines, while mine has to wait. It’s just how it is.

Maybe you should play other games before you try to tell me, someone who does basically nothing else, to do so. You can’t start without someone just because you’re impatient.

By the way, it also takes time to connect with other people and that can delay map loading, so it may not always be someone else using an outside app. Or their computer/internet/console may be slow. Should they be penalized for not having exemplary rigs or connection?


Evolve has the highest waiting time on x1 / ps4 games I have played

5 min is reasonable between each match . Wut ?

Waiting on every one else is reasonable . No it’s not . It’s stupidity

Because pc specs are different

You can’t compare between high end and the worst pc to have the same loading time .


What do you mean by using an app?


If you pause the game or put in the background while it’s loading and switch to do anything else (like twitch / my games & apps / YouTube etc ) this will cause the loading map screen to take longer time to load


And you’re assuming everyone is using other apps instead of just having a slow computer. Not everyone pulls up twitch or youtube (or anything else) on waiting screens.


Damn, I always alt tab and browse something…
Computers not shit though so there’s that


I’m pretty sure he’s talking about ps4, not pc. Stuff like YouTube can run in the background at the same time


The argument still applies. I got my PS4 when they first came out, so it runs more slowly than a newer one does. I don’t have an Xbox 1, but I’m sure that’s the same way, as well. The 360 was.

My point was that not everyone that delays a load is using a different application while waiting on Evolve. It could be that their system is just slow. Or their internet is being bitchy. There’s no way to know why it’s getting delayed.


do you mean because it’s a bit clogged up with stuff over the years and could benefit from a format or because it has faster tech inside it?