Load screen


the loading screen takes forever when it hits 90 percent.I’ve tryed cache clear and resetting the console. Theres enough time for the screen to go dark.


Platform? How often does it occur? Did it start recently? Does it happen for other games?

You’ve got to give us something.


It wont let me post this as I just posted it to another thread, but this is a link to my post that might help, Loading screen 90%


Xbox one it occurs every loading screen


Give us everything that happens. Nobody here is a wizard, we’re just guessing based on what you tell us.

This is why IT people hate their callers. We can’t do anything unless you help us.


It started since the open beta but it takes longer in the full game


the loading screen taking forever only happens in evolve


This is what it feels like.

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im not sure how to get more in depth than that


So right now we know that the game isn’t loading and its exclusive to evolve. It appears it may not be exclusive to xbox thanks to @fatesrevenge. The other thread indicates it may be linked to resolution. What is your display setup?


what kind of resolution tv or the xbox


Both would help.


It might be a while before I can check it


I’ve helped people find a solution but on PC.
About xbox sorry i know competly nothing


I am having this exact problem here is what 2k told me:Thank you for contacting 2K Support and for your interest in Evolve!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re stuck loading at about 90%. Let’s see how I can help get you back in the hunt! Let’s go ahead and complete these troubleshooting steps:

-Restart your Xbox One.
-Unplug all power cords and accessories, and then plug them back in firmly. Make sure all connections are secure.
-Update your console software: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/system/system-update-overview
-Clear the system cache: Press the on/off button for ten seconds, then unplug the power cord for two minutes. Afterwards, plug everything back and restart the console.
-Uninstall/reinstall the game


The tv resolution is 1080 p


Is it 16x9?


Is it the size of the tv or iit something else


It’s been demonstrated that a similar issue is based on unconventional rations. 16x9 in your case would mean your tv’s resolution is 1920x1080. I’m trying to find out if you have an unusual one.


Never mind for this bug i was messing with the settings and it fixed