Load out tips?


So I had discussed with another forum member about why I chose Leap Smash over Rock Throw, until he revealed to me the comparison of damage and Countdown timers. So I’m wondering if you guys had not only tips for my Goliath loadout, but also the loadouts for my other monsters.

I think something important to note is that I usually only play against bots. Nevertheless, I still want to practice with loadouts I would use against human players. My in-depth strategies vary from monster to monster, but in general, I’m a scrappy sort of fighter, focusing on the target that gives me the most trouble at the moment of my mid-fight decisions and throwing everything I got at them, while additionally punishing whoever gets too close in trying to stop me from doing so.

Old - 2 Rock, 3 Leap, 2 Fire Breath, 2 Charge

I could either run
3 Rock, 2 Leap, 2 Fire Breath, 2 Charge - Very similar to my older style. With the exception of Kraken, most of my loadouts are a 3/2/2/2 combination, so that I’m not particularly lacking in a single skill. However, I was also considering…

3 Rock, 3 Leap, 2 Fire Breath, 1 Charge - Simply because I can aim the Leap Smash quite well, only needing to tap the button. This would let me be that scrappy kind of ‘in-your-face’ Goliath that I play with my old set, but at the same time allowing me to make more use of Rock Throw’s huge damage.

Or do you guys recommend something else?

3 Lightning, 3 Banshee, 2 Vortex, 1 Aftershock - This what I typically use since I like to keep as far a distance as possible when playing Kraken. Vortex is good for isolating victims, but Banshee Mines can also prove to be amazing missiles, and I always invest my first 3 points to get level 3 Banshee Mines. Good deterrent, good for getting large meals, good spam ability, and being able to have up to 5 at once allows me to miss a few or try to control the battlefield. However, most Kraken lovers see more value in Vortex. Like Goliath, I just wail on one certain target until they’re dead, while dealing with the others as they present themselves (i.e, if I’m focusing hard on Hank, and Caira starts blasting the healz at him, I will either try to break Caira’s LOS with Hank or briefly chase after Caira before returning to Hank)
What do you guys think I should do?

3 Warp Blast, 2 Abduction, 2 Decoy, 2 Supernova
Hurrrr Warp Blast skrub hurrrr. I’ve always put 3 in Warp Blast, because I feel its quite akin to Leap Smash. Anyways, the Wraith has the one exception to my Scrappy-Doo fighting style -Stage 3 Relay Fights. Usually what I try to do is strip the team apart with an Abduction-Snipe, pounce whoever I abducted and draw the team away from the Relay, so that the fight favors me a bit better than out in the open, where Wraith has a harder time.
What do you guys think I should run, if what I have isn’t appropriate?

2 Lava Bomb, 3 Fissure, 2 Tongue Grab, 2 Rock Wall
I feel like this is a decently meta loadout, but if anybody has some objections to it, feel free to say otherwise and why.

I appreciate any and all advice.


Theres too much advice to not write a book which i will work on if u want me to. But your loadouts should change per who your playing against, weather or not you know their skill level of hunting and killing, and this all changes on different hunter combinations as well. Online play is a whole new world compared to bots. When you go against real people for a while and then go to fighting bots the game is a joke, the bots get massacred against any monster no matter the combination. Im very sorry if you cant get online on evolve. I cry for you T.T


It really depends, but usually I go:

Goliath: 3RS/3Dash/2Firebreath/1Leap Smash
Kraken: 3 everything except Aftershock (unless Laz, I kinda like camping corpse with it
Ghost: 3WB/3Supernova/1Decoy/2Abduction
Behemoth: 3Lavabomb/3Fissure/ and then 1 and 2 in Tongue Grab and Rockwall, I kinda mix it up.


Yeah laz has his own unique way thats required to play against him. Behemoth is lazs worst nightmare. I go 3 rw 3 tg 3 lb and all dead bodies are belong to me


I personally, at Stage 3, have 3 Rock 3 Leap 3 Fire. I find that it has a huge amount of damage and you’re never without an ability so there’s not reason to dilute it with Charge.