LMAO moment - Sudden Death with 4 vs 1


I was playing arena, as Griffin, vs a newbie Kraken. EMET was on my team.

The Kraken proceeds to kill assault, support and me. Ouch. Only EMET left alive. What does he do? He goes and places the respawn beacon. BZOING BZRRRGGGGGGHHH…

Just as I predicted, the Kraken as the newbie he is, just keeps eating, pays no attention to that huge blue beam pointing at the sky.

YAS MY KRAKEN eat all you want. Stuff your mouth my little child.

30 seconds later… (30 seconds to Mars). The Kraken is still eating (I guess he was hungry, huh?), has still almost no shields (slow eater huh? take your time my child)…, and the 3 of us dead folks pop up again, very much alive, like zombies from the grave. Now the soundtrack is “Thriller” by Michael Jackson (ironically also dead, but the respawn beacon didn’t bring him back from the dead too)

A short while later, I hear the female narrator saying: “SUDDEN DEATH!”. I LMAO’ed hard. I laughed my a$$ off. I even LMFAO’ed with 1 or 2 more LOLs after the “LMAO”. Too funny. It was hilarious lol sudden death with 4 vs 1… Poor little Kraken. He was trying to hide in a cave, behind a wall lol… But got reckt pretty fast.

I’ve read about this problem before, I was aware of it, but still it is so funny to experience it first hand. Lol… For the monster, when this happens, I guess it must be like seeing the Turtle Rock devs showing him a troll face laughing… Like … Sudden Death 4 vs 1… U MAD BRO? LMAO… Deal with it. Life’s a biatch, Kraken.

Kraken, 30 seconds to the respawn beacon, to Mars, closer to the edge, closer to sudden death 4 vs 1… Yet you still are eating like there is no tomorrow, so unaware of the danger that awaits you. So innocent, so childish, so pure… So funny. I almost want to caress you my baby. Only I don’t really. I wanna kill you cuz you killed me too. An eye for an eye. Luke, I am your father.



Lol there he is, that red/black suit is awesome.


[quote=“WildTiger, post:1, topic:83412”]
I’ve read about this problem before
[/quote]It’s actually by design.


This forces the monster to choose between continuing their rampage against your team or break off and look for the beacon. Best combo ’ d with Kala - port. If you manage this in Arena, I say Hunters earned the win.


Now that’s the kind of post for which I browse this forum day by day :smiley:


This thread needs more demon-core mode EMET quotes. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t understand the Thirty Seconds To Mars references… As an avid TSTM fan myself, I don’t see the relevance. Or did you just want to let us know that you like them?


How so? Anyway, glad to be of service, sir. Lol may the Shear Gods be with you.

Well, when I think “30 seconds to… (respawn beacon)”, my mind reminds me of 30 Seconds to Mars beacuse of the similarities between the 2 sentences, get it? Every sentence I think of or see or read or hear reminds me of some song. What can I do?