Livestream Today?


On Thursday’s livestream they said they would have a livestream Monday, did that or is that still happening?


Sounds cool,I always miss it because of timezone,would like to see one


They said it would be shorter like 30 min and they would go over tomorrow’s patch…


So they didn’t do the live stream last Monday, however, on the Thursday live stream they said they might do a live stream today, Monday the 29th. Is it gunna happen today?


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I am tagging people who I have seen stream can you answer this question (I think they have streamed that is)


I guess we’re not getting a stream. It would be nice to have some teased patchnotes, though.


That saddens me :frowning:


They did say they would try, but that it wasn’t guaranteed


I realize that. But it would have been nice to get a sneAK peak at PaPa


Things kinda got hectic last week and the balance team is starting to focus in on character stuff pretty hardcore again so we decided to put the Monday stream on hold. Despite it being a shorter time it’s still a big time investment from a few people around here that just had to go on the back burner for the time being.

We’re investigating what we can do in the future, but for the time being we’re just sticking with Thursday.


Interesting. I did not really feel some large balance problem at hunter or monster side[i play both]
but i experienced many bugs that caused win/lose and match making is little wonky [1hour played vs 2500hours played] nothing to do directly with balance tho

Thank you for update!


It’s more we have content coming that needs a looking at, character refinements to look into, and overall just making the game in the best possible state we can get it in.

We’re also investigating having the balance team learning more about how to build a level so we can help the level designers create stuff faster. So there are a lot of things to be jumbled around right now but we’re getting back into the trenches :slight_smile:

Sadly just means some things have to get dropped, and that is part of why the Monday streams never really happened.


No worries man! I assumed you guys were creating awesome stuff for us and that’s why you couldn’t stream :slight_smile: