Livestream misses the point


I tuned in for the livestream, and I have to say I’m disappointed.

For the record, I love this game and I’m truly excited for release/beta so I can get some more game time in.

But the livestream as it is, seems to serve only as a strong arm pushing the narrative of evolve as a viable esports game. I’m not making the claim that it isn’t, but the game isn’t even out yet. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the announcers interacting with the audience? I saw TONS of questions scroll by that were never addressed during the stream. It seems for the VERY low level of interaction this could have just been put up as a youtube video.

Am I missing something here? I mean if you’re going to ignore 95% of the questions, why not just record it and throw it up on youtube?


Maybe because most of the questions are bs or are the same. They just want to show evolve and abe :slight_smile:


Nah, he has a point. Livestreams are for audience interaction.


those chat logs go a million miles an hour tho. and they are mostly commentating on the game going on. last time i checked LoL doesnt answer live games questions. neither do any other tourney matches.


Does it matter if they live stream it, or record it and put it up? The footage would be the exact same, the point of the stream is to showcase changes to Evolve, and help educate people about in game strategies. Answering questions that have been addressed on the forums seems a bit redundant to me


This originally was to show off real gameplay. All we were seeing was youtubers that had no clue what they were doing. DB and JParty announced all of the events like PAX and Gamescom to help explain what was actually going on so they were an obvious choice to continue the format. Sports announcers not just E-Sports Announcers are what they came off as while they described the strategies of the players they were watching, just like all of the other 2 man teams that have described games for decades. So saying they’re trying to strong arm this title into e-sports is stupid. The devs have said multiple times that while it’d be cool if it took off as an e-sports title, they’re just making a game they think is fun and that will come later.

Now that it’s become a regular thing and they have new content they are using it as a vehicle to show those off. So much of this community is so unrealistic and entitled. Get something and want more. Watching the chat stream is awful too. “Well OP monster wins again big deal”. The level of shit people just act like they’re entitled too is so frustrating.


That’s an interesting “customer is always wrong” mentality. I don’t think it’s realistic to expect every potential player to dig through the forums for answers.


You understand they’re not giving the game away, right?


It’s funny you mention that. You’re describing the format that @DamJess and I are hoping to go with when we get our TRS livestream up and running.

We know you guys have tons of questions, so we’re just putting the finishing touches on how to do that in a livestream. We want to show off devs playing as well, we’re just getting the logistics worked out.

We’re planning to take a different approach than the 2K stream so you can get different things out of both :slight_smile:

TRS. We need to have a talk. Those IGN first reveals

Kind of. The reason livestream became a thing for gaming was for the interaction with the crowd. I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the format for tournament style gaming, but when you’re showcasing a new character and you’re not accepting questions to talk about with him is kind of…ehhh.

There are things that you can do to make the chat more readable. Slowing it and requiring questions to be prefaced with something(!question) stores it in a separate log to sort through.


I don’t either, but I also don’t expect to go to a movie in a theater and be able to shout out trivia questions, and then have the movie paused and my question answered. There is a time and a place for everything, the purpose of the stream is to show off game play. The purpose of the forums, evolve home page, evolve twitter, evolve facebook, evolve tumblr, 2k forums, and 2k newsletter is to address “potential customer” questions.


shoutcasting and doing ama livestreams are completely different. personally the shoutcasting hyped up some of the games especially from e3. when most of us were not knowing what was going on or what this person was trying to do with this build or that.

I love shout-casting way more than answering questions while an intense match is going on. I want it to feel like a basketball game or a football game.



Woah, wait. A “movie” would be a youtube or other type of prerecorded video. My entire point is, why livestream if you’re going to ignore the audience?


Such name dropping.

Sure, go ahead, do your shoutcast thing, but they could be answering questions from the audience between rounds(this also gives time for them to pick good questions out and get rid of the troll ones).


Because it is easier than filming the whole thing, then waiting for the upload through youtube? If you prefer you can replace movie with play


Multiple streams? !!! Nice! I’ve been hoping this would happen.


You understand most games you see none of the development cycle, read an article or two about up until a couple months before release and then finally get previews and reviews after the fact, right? $60 gets me a product, what a lot of people are expecting is 24/7 listen to me tell you why you’re wrong and use my ideas.

I’m not saying you’re bitching and moaning but since the alpha this forum has exploded with joined one day ago people whos first post is how TRS is a scam or how they need to change the game or it’s not worth their time.


I’m pretty sure it’s more difficult to stream than prerecord, actually.

If it were a prerecorded video, I would agree entirely.


It’s almost impossible to answer questions seriously in a stream chat :smile:
But we’ll wait and see how you guys will do it.

Hype TRS stream.


You have a point, a lot of people like bitching for the sake of bitching.