Live - XBOX Livestream EU Regional Finals - Proving Grounds


Starting right now shoutcasted by DB_Sinclair and Deman!



I wonder if they’ll show hunter first person lol


probably not :stuck_out_tongue:


Will there be youtube of this or a full video uploaded later on Twitch?

Too much stuff I have to watch already…


No worries, you can watch it later on the twitch past broadcast site of EvolveGame


Behemoth sneaking vs Maggie and eating a bunch of reavers at 30sec gametime and a Caira dieing in 10sec to a stage 1 Wraith.
Is this even evolve?


Well… I like to believe I simply can’t comprehend whats going on simply because I’m a PC’er… but yeah… :neutral_face:


They players aren’t doing much to dispel the stereotype that console players are bad and the easiest way to get into proving grounds is by playing in EU :pensive:


Definitely has a very different air about it then the pc esl.
I guess we are just too used to judge any performance in competitive evolve by what our best pc teams use to play like these days.
Seems definitely a bit more ‘casual’ but even in the pc esl we had teams performing just as ‘well’.

As long as they have fun it’s alright I guess.