Live streams


Where can I go to watch old live streams? Can only find evolve game streams to watch. Want to watch more competitive gameplay.


Do you mean where can you find the official livestreams, or just good quality livestreams?


Both I guess I need to know where to find live streams even if not “live” and good quality would be preferable. I usually watch the Friday and Monday evolvegame live streams by desire more/more competitive game play


There are Insane521, LordDeath564, Black_Aegis (shoutcasting), Source_TV and of course Maniacsquirell, these are only a few of course.


And where do I find this? Sorry I’m not very accustomed to these types of sources.


They’re streamers on twitch
Just go to twitch and they should appear when you search their names

To see the past streams just go to ‘past broadcasts’ on their profile


Yeah and there is of course MaddCowQQ, our forum chieftain, he also aims to provide nice content for you to watch and learn from. He does community coaching aswell, which means you can join in and you get advice on your play, if i am correct. Just saw there is a 6h recording which i just missed :confused:


I’m going to stream ESL tomorrow for my team. Just Search TomsMeatPlatter


I’ll check into it thanks for replying.



Also Under_shade and Jayrob2k72, they’re smaller channels, but are quality nonetheless


Damn maddcow 5hr videos O.o but thank you for videos, not clue if u will see this…