Live stream on YouTube


Some of us just cant see the live streams. try to get them out faster please devs pretty please


non official but its the same stream.


Are you talking about them uploading the archived Friday matches?


Yea they upload just a week late


Thank you bro


No more “Hunters OP” uh? :smile:


It’s ‘Shak is OP’ now. Ha!

But seriously, these past few streams have shown that the monsters are really, really powerful if you know how to play well.


We have a funny guy over here… I watch alot of gameplay and it chaged my mind a little…


The streams archive to Twitch automatically as well. You can always watch it there. :slight_smile:



But for those how preferable watch in on YouTube post quicker pretty please


It takes a long to time to render in 1080p for an hour long video and since they do it friday afternoon, they can only start rendering and stuff monday morning.


A week… i didnt think so …but you did bring up a good point thank you


Maybe it has to be checked by diffrent people and get accepted as good enough quallity to upload it idk :slight_smile: