Live Stream Drinking Game


Let’s make a fun way to get wasted while watching the live streams. Please add your own ideas in the comments.

Every time DB Sinclair says his partners name, JParty. You take a drink. I did this with a friend last game and was far too drunk after the first game. Doing it for all games would be unwise.


Trapper dome deployed - finish your glass


I feel dome misses monster finish glass


It should be that you take a drink when the dome is deployed, but finish your glass if it misses.

Here’s a few others:

If the monster startles birds, take a drink.
If a hunter is incapped by wildlife, take a drink.
If the monster pounces a hunter, drink until the other hunters free him. If the monster kills the hunter, finish your glass.


Can’t resist this much JParty, seriously. @DB_Sinclair just says JParty A LOT!


Also if they’re trapped by a plant/megamouth


Drink if Griffin misses a harpoon


If Daisy is reviving someone, drink until the persons up. Same with Laz


Drink if @DB_Sinclair says “winner winner, hunter/monster dinner” or “death from above”. He is really abusing this two phrases.


Whenever Hyde swears, take a drink. You won’t make through the stream :smile:


Lol, you wanna get drunk so bad?


whenever somebody drinks, take a drink


Take a shot for every Monster footprint you see, every bullet fired, and every time a character speaks. Whenever the Monster is tagged with a sniper weakspot, you have to take 1.5/2x more shots :stuck_out_tongue:


lemme just break out my calculator, i knew taking algebra in hs was gonna be used for something!


Whenever jparty or poon says BIGTIME you drink


seriously listen to how many times you hear the phrase BIGTIME.


Take a shot whenever a hunter doesn’t notice a Tyrant.
Take Two if the Tyrant grabs the hunter
Finish if the hunter dies

Take two whenever the 2K logo gets shown

Take 5 when a Reaver kills a hunter

Finish 10 when a Mammoth bird kills a hunter

Take 3 when a hunter is downed