LIVE NOW - Update 2.07 and The Deepest Dark (Beta)


The Deepest Dark - Update 2.07

New Co Op Only Map Variant: The Deepest Dark (Beta) Operation

  • Our first exclusive Co Op experience, The Deepest Dark is the latest Map Variant that is going live today!
  • Taking place on a modified version of Wraith Trap, fight through the night with your friends to take on the Queen of Gorgons!
    • This map can only be found in the Co Op vs AI matchmaking queue.
  • Be sure to checkout the weekend challenge over on
  • Also check out the trailer for The Deepest Dark here:

Dropship Tutorial Voiceovers (English Only)

  • Alongside our new UI explaining character abilities every character now has a quick run down of the abilities from our in-game Announcer!
    • This will only play if you’re between character levels 1-7 on a specific Hunter or Monster.

New Store Content

  • Hunter Skins (Thursday)
    • Parnell Man Eater
    • Maggie Monarch
  • Weapon Skin (Wednesday)
    • Lazarus Victory
    • Bucket Victory
    • Hyde Victory
  • Monster Skins (Thursday)
    • Savage Kraken

Kraken Ceiling Changes (How high Kraken can fly in combat)

  • Adjusted the flight Ceiling Kraken can reach to make it a more enjoyable experience fighting against Kraken during combat.
  • This change should keep Kraken from hovering too high in common fighting areas
    • Dev Insight: This is more of a general bugfix but we wanted to highlight this change. Our goal with this was to remove some of those fights where Kraken simply would just hover higher than intended during combat.

Overpowered Game Mode Tuning

  • All Buffs spawn at 20 seconds now
  • Monster Perks
    • Added minor general enhancements to monster buffs, because of how easily Hunters can out diversify the Monster.
      • Dev Insight: The goal here is to give the Monster a few more options when it comes to the mode and what buffs they’re going to prioritize against a Hunter team.
    • Damage - Red
      • Damage Increased from 3% to 4%
      • +5% Faster Cooldown Rate
      • +1.5% Damage Increase
      • +5% Movement Speed
      • +2% Damage Reduction
    • Utility - Yellow
      • Added:
      • +5% Faster Cooldown Rate
      • +1.5% Damage Increase
      • +5% Movement Speed
      • +2% Damage Reduction
    • Defense - Blue
      • +5% Faster Cooldown Rate
      • +1.5% Damage Increase
      • +20% Smell Range +20%
      • Smell +15% Climb +10% Feeding Speed +10% Traversal Regen

Balance Updates

In this update we had a focus on a few Hunters alongside giving Monsters a bit more space to feed on the Hunt and attack the generator. So let’s dive into what’s changed for 2.07


  • Distance Damage Scale
    • Min distance scale decreased from 30 to 20 meters
    • Max distance scale increased from 100 to 110 meters
  • Damage Threshold
    • Increased from 50 to 60 units
  • Dev Insight
    • TL;DR of these changes are Hunters have to be closer and damage Monsters a bit more in order to interrupt them from feeding. The same applies for the generator to help gives Monsters a bit more


  • Hank
    • Shield Burst
      • Self shield value reduced from 575 to 545 units
      • Self shield decay rate increased from 35 to 39
    • Shield Projector
      • Total shield energy reduced from 600 to 570
      • Energy regeneration reduced from 100 to 90
    • Dev Insight
      • With these changes we wanted to hit the self sustain of Hank a bit and also how much he can shield with the projector during combat. We wanted to edge this back slowly to see how it changes things up, but we’ll be watching Hank closely after these two changes.
  • Kala
    • Shield Burst
      • Team shield value increased from 500 to 550 units
    • Dev Insight:
      • We’ve heard a lot of feedback from players about Kala, she has a lot of great tools but her lack of defense was hurting the whole team whenever she was picked. We’re bumping this up 10% for now to see what she may need after this change.
  • Cabot
    • Rail Cannon
      • Reload time increased from 1.4 to 1.6 seconds
    • Dev Insight
      • This reload nerf was mainly done to hit Cabot’s ability to chip at range. Also with the frequency we saw reload perks taken on Cabot we wanted to bring back his reload for 2.07.
  • Blitz Markov
    • Lightning Gun
      • Detect angle increased from 28 to 32 degrees
    • Dev Insight
      • Simply put it just felt the beam would break too easily at times after the range nerf a few patches ago. We’re hoping to see Blitz make it into the gold beam a bit more with this change.
  • Hyde
    • Toxic Grenade
      • Cooldown increased from 12 to 13 seconds
  • Renegade Abe
    • Lesser Defense Matrix
      • Damage resistance reduced from 55% to 45%
    • Dev Insight:
      • We wanted to push Abe a little further away from other Assaults. The lower damage resistance will help Monsters fight back against Renegade if he isn’t careful inside a dome fight where he is supposed to be weaker compared to others.
  • Quantum Caira
    • Neutron Barrier
      • Decreased cooldown from 33 to 30 seconds
    • Dev Insight:
      • Decided to go a bit further with Quantum buffs. This is a small timing change but we’ve got our eye on her after each week.
  • Slim
    • Leech Gun
      • Reload time increased from 1.6 to 1.8 seconds
    • Dev Insight
      • Slim has been enjoying some new found strength after his recent buffs. This small reload change will help give a larger window over engagements to try and break through Slims healing.
  • Electro Griffin
    • The Final Lockdown
      • Reload time increased from 3.0 to 3.25 seconds
    • Dev Insight
      • Playing ourselves and hearing feedback from players Electro was performing really well inside domes with his constant harpoon spam. We intended for him to be good with close quarters, but we wanted to bring back his harpoon reload just a bit for this update.
  • Perks
    • Slot 1 (Minor) Perks
      • Extra Fuel Tank jetpack efficiency reduced from 5%|10%|15% 5%|7.5%|10%
    • Slot 2 (Major) Perks
      • High Energy Fuel jetpack efficiency reduced from 20%|25%|30% to 15%|20%|25%
    • Dev Insight
      • One of the hot ticket items to talk about across the whole community, was the ‘tinkerbell’ perk setup that many Hunters were running. We’re bringing this back slightly for Jetpack Fuel Efficiency to see how it changes things up with the playstyle.

Known Issues

  • We are aware that when a Monster attempts to swap roles in multiplayer matches it can break lobbies. We are working towards a fix for Update 2.08

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Co Op matchmaking would count towards Hunter win streaks
  • Fixed an issue where Monarch Maggie and Blood Eagle Bucket Hunter skins were missing from the punchcard.
    • These will be awarded to all players who have already unlocked these rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where Blood Eagle Hyde was not appearing for players who played in the Cataclysm weekend event.
  • Profile grid now correctly and immediately shows purchased characters after buying them on the profile
  • Perk menu in the character select now immediately allows perks purchased on profile to be used.
  • Slim’s Healing Drone icon will now correctly display on incapacitated hunters.

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