LIVE! ESL Go4Evolve Sunday Cup #7


Starting the first game in a bit for those forum goers who don’t follow the esl/livestream yet.




pls less Krakens this time


And lets hope at least one Monsterplayer got enough balls to finally pull out a Wraith today. :scream_cat:


How long will it last?


Last week was about 6-8 hours I think. They got some issues though last time that somewhat dragged it out. So probably 4-6 hours I’d guess.


Oh, and finally a Wraith… and a rather toxic one at that… first game trying to bug out the evolve and ragequit on the second one… :hankey:


Hmm pretty boring so far. Two matches with a wraith that got stomped badly and now nothing but staring at brackets. Where is the actual gameplay?


Getting better when we’re getting to Wolves/Sith/EOY games I’d guess. They’ve been pretty good so far in delivering exciting matches.
But yeah, the first two games were somewhat a matter of trying to use pubstomp tactics against a competent team. Should’ve scrimmed a bit more against a good team I guess.


How does this stream work? What’s the average length of the stream?


As long as the cup takes :stuck_out_tongue:

By now maybe 2 more hours.


What’s the price?


100€ per week for #1 place
50€ per week for #2 place


Why are there no new Hunters/Behemoth? That´s so sad :frowning:


T4 is still banned for a few weeks in esl. Shouldn’t be that long anymore though.


yeah but why? Makes really no sense.


It’s pretty common in tournaments and in the esl to wait out some fine tuning on new characters/content before allowing them in competitions.


and how will you know if something even needs fine tuning?


That’s exactly why you have those waiting periods for new content in the competitive scene. To see if it’s balanced enough or if it may still need some work through feedback from the overall community/competitive players. Someone in the esl gotta make the call someday somehow. They should be experienced enough making these kind of decisions.

And btw @Insane_521 Thanks for having the balls to finally show that Wraith is perfectly viable in competitive play if used properly. Though I guess Wolves didn’t put in much effort practising against her in the first place. Anways, on behalf on the Wraith community:

Well done sir!
:bucket_cute: :+1:


Everytime I watch tournament play it just further reinforces that caira is to strong. She is the only medic worth picking in high level play. There is no way val, laz, or slim could pull off the healing that caira does.


okay, by not playing new characters you see if they are balanced. how does that work exactly?