Live Concert in Fortnite


Today marked a first, I think, in video game history. Within the confines of Fortnite, there was an actual LIVE concert.

I know many, if not most, of you are not down at all with Fortnite and other Battle Royale games, and I wouldn’t mention this except it was a pretty exciting thing and means a lot for what we may see coming to games in the future.

On a personal note…this was the first live concert I’ve ever actually been to. I know, I know…it’s not the same as live music where you can feel it in a room with your favorite band, but the camaraderie of all of the gamers really was amazing to feel, experiencing a live event together. It took me back to the days we were all waiting to drop together for the first times onto Shear…it truly did.

This was a capture of the event, and there will be an encore performance in 2 hours in case any of you closet Fortnite fans want in. Just make sure to bring your headphones and kick it up a notch!


So does lip syncing matter as much as a live performer doing this on a real stage?



Ahhh hahaha! Oh Maddie you kill me! The performer, Marshmallow, confirmed that he was speaking and I guess doing all motions live during the broadcast…but you know, he wears a mashmallow on his head so who is to know if he lip syncs ever?!


Can confirm, concert was great and everybody who attended loved it



The encore performance was every bit as fun.
Now in Sledge’s 1st person view:


Not a fan of Fortnite and not a fan of Marshmello, but this is really fucking cool. I wonder how one would even go about trying to host or set up such an event.


This was actually pretty amazing and historic for videogames, it opens the door for so many possibilities.


Like charging for tickets and assigned seating. :thinking: :smirk: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


With all good things comes along the negatives. I bet advertisers are chomping at the bit now for this.


Took the words right out of my mouth. Don’t care much for either Fortnite or Marshmallow, but the possibilities this opens up…


I’m just waiting for a VR concert, with crazy special effects and seating wherever you want to be.


I pray that something like this doesn’t happen again.


I LOOOVED IT! I was also happy that they made it into a limited time mode where you couldn’t kill one another.

The other various effects during the show, like jumping very high, flying around, big balloons, was a very nice touch.

Was definetely amazing


I don’t like fortnite and I’ve never even heard of Marshmellow but my brother had me come into his room for the second show and I was impressed. It was very well done and it was kinda cool how they went about it with removing gravity in some parts and stuff. I think this is the first time I’ve ever actually been impressed by a live event in a f2p game.


Finally went in to the replay before the file went corrupted and grabbed some poor quality screenshots throughout the event

Mobile Friendly Pictures

Part 2


Did you watch the encore performance? Was it different than the first?


I think that’s already an impossibility. And why wouldn’t you want to see it again? I mean not just in Fortnite, but it’s a huge realm of possibility for other things to be inset into games…concerts sure, but celebrity interactions, mini movies, magic acts, possible audience participation for live contests. I can imagine a lot of uses.

Just from the marketing aspect alone I know we will see more things like this. I think the Fortnite event beat the Super Bowl in levels of awesomeness, personally.

I honestly didn’t expect much…just a concert, but all of the extras they added in utilizing the in-game features made it more of an interactive virtual experience, all synced with the music and images.

Imagine if the numbers are at 10 million in-game players…the servers didn’t crash and it was probably the most attended concert in history. I can’t even imagine the devs behind the scenes making this all go down.

"That was all live, man!
That was the whole thing, so you know, in the very early workings of it all we weren’t sure what could be handled as far as bandwidth, live voice, and live everything.
But they took their time and figured it all out and when it was time to go they had it all sorted.
Stuff like that is what makes it next level."
- Marshmello


It was just a replay of the live performance that had happened earlier in the day.


How are you taking the screenshots in the replays? Just a Print Screen? So much easier with Steam hitting F12 than having to search for the image and copy/pasta.