Little known fact about Wraith


Wraiths decoy can too use supernova if you activate supernova before using decoy.


actualy yes I have played the beta.


Cool. Good to know.

Don’t mind Seto, he’s a troll. Don’t feed him… he’ll keep coming back like a kitten starved for attention o.O


This is actually really old news. Before the nerf this is all people would do, and they would absolutely destroy people with a Supernova-Decoy combo that lasted so long it was off cooldown by the time it was done.

Thank god its not viable anymore… it was literally “press 4, press 3, hide, win game.” SN can still be used to great effectiveness, its just not an instant win button anymore.


And I still don’t have evolve :frowning:


This is not little known. This is very, very well known.


I laughed hard. All true.


Well I just noticed most youtubers that play wraith don’t do that combo xD


A lot of people look down on it for some reason.


Yea not anymore since the duration on SN has been drastically reduced, and decoy being given a longer cooldown.

Before the nerf that playstyle was viable, and strong enough to win with no effort. Its not shown much on youtube anymore since its not a reliable combo, and you have to play very differently to make effective use of decoy and supernova.


Although it has some other use: it helps get away since they can’t tell too well that it is a decoy if it is glowing from the SN.
I’ve never found it too useful though so I just prefer 3xWb & abduct.


Why are you on these forums then?


He is here to worship the Wraith clearly.


Ohhhhhh I thought he was a minecraft fanboy troll


It took me five minutes to understand the minecraft portion of that statement.


Why is that?


A true little known fact macman mentioned once in telemetry is that decoy can be targeted. Gave it a shot and the ai improved dramatically. It would actually warp to the top of pillars instead derping at the base and chase right to the back of the pack where the least expectant person is more likely to eat it through sheer shock.

Minion master wraith is pretty fun, really lets you attack in concert with it when you can predict your own decoy.


No i’m not a minecraft fanboy I just so happen to made a 3d model of the cybersquid overlord on blender for animations and have been slacking a little lately on my prodject for a good animation do to the fact that I hate building things on pc with a keyboard and mouse for that world to be transferred to blender.


because I love evolve ever since I played the beta and wanted to stay in touch with the community.


maybe a better known fact is if you use decoy before evolving you will be invisible while evolving. This can allow for sneaky dome evolves